The Dune Climb is located at 6900 S. Dune Highway, Empire, MI 49630. Check out the new interactive map  on your computer or smartphone. It provides as much detail as you want about the trail conditions, parking, bathrooms, museums, and businesses along the trail! Click on the maps for larger/interactive versions.

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Trying to figure out mileage on the trail? Check out the SBHT Trailhead Mileage Table

Park Pass Information

Because the Lakeshore is a designated fee area, people who recreate in the park must obtain an entrance pass. Passes are good for entry into all areas of the Lakeshore, such as the Dune Climb, Scenic Drive, beaches, lakes, museums, and trails. The Lakeshore asks visitors to show their pass to Park Rangers at the entrance stations at the Dune Climb and Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive, or place it on their vehicle dashboard if in an NPS parking lot/trailhead or along a road in the Lakeshore. Those few visitors who park outside the Lakeshore boundary and recreate in the park on foot, boat, or bicycle should carry their pass with them. The NPS offers convenient locations for visitors to purchase a park pass. Click here for more details on fees. For those sections of the Heritage Trail that will lie entirely within road rights-of way, no entrance fee is necessary. For those sections that depart the road rights-of-way and enter the Lakeshore proper, the fee is required. Similarly, the fee would be required if Heritage Trail users decided to tour the Scenic Drive, or stop off at a beach, museum, or picnic area within the park.